Active Duty Military & Dependents or NC National Guard

A North Carolina resident does not lose his/her resident status for tuition purposes solely by serving in the armed forces outside this State.

Under a special North Carolina Statute, members of the armed services stationed in North Carolina on active duty, as well as his or her spouse, dependent children and dependent relatives who live with them in North Carolina may be eligible to pay a reduced rate, which is equivalent to the in-state rate for the duration of the North Carolina assignment.

Non-resident members of the NC National Guard serving in an active duty or reserve capacity, although not considered residents for in-state tuition purposes, may be eligible to receive the benefit of paying in-state tuition and applicable fees.  Only the Guard member is eligible for this benefit.

If you believe you are eligible, you must submit the Residence and Tuition Status Application along with the appropriate supporting documents by the filing deadline.